Merino Baby Sleeping Bag

Merino sleeping bags are an innovation that helps prevent baby waking in the night. 

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Double layer Merino Sleeping Bag for baby. Opens out flat for ease. Designed in New Zealand. Machine washable.

Unlike other bags on the market, our Merino Baby Sleeping bag is 100% Merino – that is two layers of soft, natural New Zealand Merino.

Merino sleeping bags are an innovation that helps prevent baby waking in the night. A popular alternative to sheets and blankets, a New Zealand Merino sleeping bag

  • prevents baby from wriggling out of blankets and getting cold
  • keeps baby comfortable throughout the night by regulating moisture and temperature
  • settles baby more easily in unfamiliar surroundings as they associate the bag with sleep

So easy to use, simply open the bag out flat by undoing shoulder domes and opening zip. Lay baby on opened bag and insert arm through armhole. Dome up the second shoulder and zip up around baby. Baby is now snug as a bug in a rug!

You can't beat natural fibres for baby, and 100% New Zealand Merino wool must be one of the best. Soft, snuggly, lightweight and non-itch – perfect for keeping baby warm and comfortable during the cooler seasons.


  • 2 layers of 220gsm Merino
  • All edges neatly and comfortably bound
  • Quality dome fastening at shoulder and long zip from armhole to around feet so bag opens fully
  • Includes domes to make armholes smaller for younger children
  • Lined in non-itch, 19.5 micron Merino
  • One size fits to approx 18 months
  • Travel slot for carseat or pram use
  • Highest quality workmanship and finishing. Designed in New Zealand.
  • Recommended for room temperatures down to 14 degrees celcius - best for Autumn (Fall), Winter and Spring use
  • Gently machine washable

About Merino Babywear

Babies under 12 months have difficulty regulating their own body temperature, even when it’s warm. When baby’s temperature is regulated and protected from extremes, he/she will be more relaxed, gain weight and sleep longer. Fine, soft Merino performs this function better than any other fibre! Each Merino fibre actively regulates temperature, protecting baby from extremes, keeping them warm when it is cold and cool when its hot. Merino also regulates humidity – absorbing moisture and allow it to evaporate into the air, keeping baby dry and comfortable.

100% New Zealand, Merino wool is a natural resource that is sustainable, biodegradable and totally renewable.

Care instructions

Gentle machine wash with a wool detergent. Warm iron. Do not bleach. Dry cleanable.

About Babu

Babu began in 2002 after Ali, its founder, was not able to find the right type of baby bedding fabric she wanted for her baby Jack - nicknamed 'Babu'. Thousands of sheet sets, hooded baby towels, newborn blankets and mini merino wool hoodies later, Ali is still travelling the world, designing, sourcing, manufacturing and selling her coveted Babu products.

With a background in wound-care nursing, Ali is a stickler for what can and can’t touch a baby’s skin. Natural fibres like organic cotton and merino wool are so important to her for comfort and functionality.

Ali pays attention to the small stuff. She’s active in every part of the design and production process, making sure Babu’s organic cotton and Merino baby clothes stand the test of time. Longstanding quality is very important to her, so you can feel confident storing your Babu goodies away for your second, third or fourth baby.

Ethical production, safe practices and using renewable resources are non-negotiable. Babu is deeply involved in the communities of their behind-the-scenes workers. A percentage of profits go to developing sustainable practices in the local region.

Material is sourced from the best quality suppliers, whether its superfine merino wool for from New Zealand and Australia, or 100% organic cotton from India. Every product is designed in New Zealand and made in Vietnam, India, China and here at home under very exact specifications. (Ali, the designer and founder of Babu, likes things to be perfect!).

Babu™ is proudly New Zealand owned and run, and contributes proudly to the local economy.

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